Career with Tiksna

“Convention dictates that a company looks after its shareholders first, its customers next, and last of all worries about its employees. Tiksna does just the opposite. For us, our employees matter most. It just seems common sense that, if you start off with a happy, well-motivated workforce, you’re much likely to have happy customers. And in due course the resulting profits will make your shareholders happy”

(...shamelessly copied from Richard Branson’s view about Virgin)

...people are our business

Working at Tiksna is like working in a big large extended happy family.

Our size allows us to be in touch with individual team members. Our work is out there on the field, and while we can't have swanky offices with efficiency-gadgets around each corner, each of us makes it an effort to make one's team comfortable. We provide ample opportunities to grow oneself.


We believe that people should learn and while we believe that 'studies should not hamper learning' but, we do want our team members, YOU, to attain academic heights. We would support you to conduct research in our line of work, so as to help you get your PhD. You are encouraged to write to the Chief of Staff and discuss how you could take it further. The CoS may just go ahead and connect you to a few academicians who could help you as well.
All our support team members are encouraged to complete their education, and work up the ladder. Growth is an opportunity available to all.


An essential part of our structure is enabling everyone to be successful and provide growth to those who succeed. While growth is not time bound, it is expected from YOU to get well-versed with your role; consolidate your position and then apply for roles that come up through IJPs (Internal Job Postings). Flexibility in thought helps in growth.
Structures and roles are to do with work-load, and Tiksna is completely against creating structures and roles to satisfy individual growth.
Team members are also encouraged to discuss with one's supervisor and/ or write to the CoS in case one doesn't feel comfortable with one's role. While roles may not be available at all points of time, but the effort would always be made to get you a role that is best suited to you.


Tiksna realises the value of an alumni structure, and our Staff function yearns to create a community out of our alumni.
We are always open to re-admitting our alumni, and we take referrals from our alumni very seriously. After all our alumni are our spokespersons to the world.

Taking Time Off…

At Tiksna, we believe that one works to take care of the most important part one's life... one's family. We believe one should get enough time to be with one's family, especially when they need it. Leaves are meant to take care of social exigencies, illness, personal re-vitalisation, child-birth, bereavement, and social occasions. Employees are encouraged to take leaves.

With that philosophy in mind, all confirmed employees can avail 39 days of leave in a year. They are to be planned well keeping in mind work related matters and in consultation with one's supervisor. Leaves during childbirth (ladies as well as men), transfers and bereavement, and compensatory offs are treated separately and don't fall under ambit of the 39-day quota.

We don't carry forward un-availed leaves over to the next year, because leaves are required for one's rejuvenation, and one should avail them.

In case you wish to explore opportunities that you think befit your experience and expectations, please write to with your profile and contact details, and we shall get back to you.


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