Our Courses


All courses that we offer are developed and designed by our own Content Development team, and in some cases the training content is customised to our requirements. The team ensures tht our courses are, as far as possible, mapped to the National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) and National Occupational Standards (NOS) defined by the various Sector Skill Council of NSDC. This will ensure that you get a standard course and a standarised learning experience, which ensures that as soon as you get certified, you quickly start earning and supporting your family.

Sector Skill Council – Short Term Courses


Tiksna is building a diversified portfolio of its skill-development programs focused at vocations that are directly linked to either wage-employment or self-employment. We are working around many a vocations. Most of these courses carry a certification from various Sector Skill Councils (SSC), the others are courses (* marked with an asterix) which we believe that they will help you move faster in your careers.


Handset Repair Technician
LED TV Repair Technician
Computer Hardware Repair Technician
Domestic Lifestyle Technician - Combination of skills required to repair Mobile Handsets, LED TV, Computer Hardware & Laptops and AC & Refrigeration
Domestic Maintenance Technician - Combination of skills required to manage plumbing & electrical wiring, repair home appliances*, and do motor-wiring*


General Duty Assistant - Nursing Assistant
Phlebotomy Technician
Healthcare Operations
Home Health Aid


English Speaking*
Tailoring - Basic & Boutique*
…and many more planned

The DLT and DET programs are combination programs that have been designed by Tiksna as we believe that they will incrase your chances of success manifold. Courses with an asterix (*) are not covered by the SSC certification

TISS’ Degree, Diploma & Certificate Programs

Under this joint initiative UGC, AICTE & TISS, the following courses are offered under this alliance

Bachelor of Vocation (BVoc.) in Patient Care Management
Bachelor of Vocation (BVoc.) in Medical Imaging Technology
Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (DMLT)
Diploma in X-Ray & Ultrasound
Diploma in Geriatric Care

Short-Term Skill Enhancement Certificate (SEC) programs
SEC in Art of Phlebotomy
SEC in Biomedical Waste Management
SEC in Communication in Geriatric Care
SEC in First Aid
SEC in Grooming Patient
SEC in Handling Locomotion Devices
SEC in Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
SEC in Medical Ethics and Patient Care
SEC in Safety and Infection Control
SEC in Transferring Patient

Apart from these we our continuously building suite of programs, such as .
SEC in Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
SEC in Clinical Nutrition
SEC in ssential Medical Terminologies for Paramedics
SEC in Essential Soft Skills in Healthcare
SEC in Labour Room Assistant
SEC in Medical Billing