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Partner With Us

Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)

Degree and Diploma programs…

Tiksna has signed a MoU with TISS to be its Vertical Anchor in the Healthcare domain and will spearhead TISS’ mission to impart vocational education for skills required for this industry all across India and enable it to reach out to the millions of youth across the country who need and deserve a good education and employment. The Bachelor in Vocational Education (B. Voc.) is a 3-year degree program, comprising 3 levels, each level being of a year’s duration. These have been termed as Diploma, Advance Diploma and B. Voc. This would offer hundreds of individuals, who for some reason may not be in a position to pursue their education and hence drop off; this gives an opportunity to get back to the formal education system and earn an industry relevant Bachelor’s Degree. He/she needs to pass the year-end certification exam to graduate to the next level. One could leave at any level and re-join later.

In addition to this, there will be a number of Skill Development Programs, which would comprise of short term certificate and diploma courses related to the Healthcare domain. These would be AICTE approved.

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Tiksna Learning Partner

Affiliation to Sector Skills Council

Under these affiliations, partners with the requisite intent, commitment to invest and with available infrastructure could become partners with Tiksna to train & certify students leading to them getting either employed somewhere or become entrepreneurs. The training is standardised and the assessment & certification is done by a specialised non-aligned entity. We provide a whole lot of support in terms of extending Govt. schemes, tying up with Corporates for hiring, Capacity building, enabling an environment for bolstering entrepreneurship and a lot more.

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