Vision & Values

Vision Statement

Our promise to you is to skill 2 million people by 2025 apart by enabling 2500 entrepreneurs. This will be achieved by relentlessly working at the grassroots level; building a diverse environment to work & thrive in, while ensuring significant return on our stakeholders' expectations from Tisksna.


Value Statement

Impact Lives: That's our raison d'etre (reason for existence), so that our beneficiaries not only help themselves, but help others and in turn continually increase the impact radius.

Needs Of The Many Outweigh The Needs Of The One: This is a utilitarian perspective of life and refers to the fact that we need to look beyond ourselves for the greater good of others. – Not really utilitarianism. So deleting this point, as it also seems redundant.

Servant Leadership: The leader is a servant first; caring for people is the rock upon which a good society and a great organisation is built. The strength of our leadership comes from the service that we provide to our people.

Making knowledge accessible : There is no point in wasting time in wondering 'how to do'; simply ask. For there might be other people who may just know 'how to do', and by asking you will increase your output and hence be more effective & efficient.

Making Mistakes Is OK; Don't Make It A Habit: It is human to make a mistake, and that is how we learn, but continuing to repeat the mistake shows an unwillingness to improve, and that has no place in our scheme of things.

Cost Control: Call it prudence than control. We are a low-cost enterprise and we believe that if costs when kept in check ensures efficiency in operations leading to strengthening of the foundation.

Inspect What You Expect: Review, Review, Review... Keep it short & simple; ensure that you review your own work and that of your team regularly.

You Do Your Work; The Work Takes Care Of You: All of us work to provide for our loved ones. Our philosophy is to ensure a sense of acknowledgement and care for everyone in this family. And that includes not just you but your loved ones too.